In an attempt to get my writing back on track, I’ve bought a posh new shed (see artist’s impression, above). As well as being the last bastion of Krypton’s legacy in Nottinghamshire, it will hopefully enable me to complete the second part of the Orion trilogy (my study was recently invaded by teddy bears, children’s books and several miniature pirate outfits). Crucially, I’ve also managed to get hold of an old print, showing a strange man with an impressive moustache. He’ll look great in the writing shed and I’m thinking that his benign, thoughtful gaze will spur me on to greater efforts. Mind you, someone pointed out that he looks a bit like a friendly Dr Crippen, so I suppose it’s possible I’ll end up in some kind of acid bath. Either way, whether writing or melting, I’ll be doing it in the comfort of my own weatherproof literary haven.

If the shed can’t save me, then perhaps nice reviews will. The folks at The Founding Fields have already read their advance copy of The Vaults of Winter, and they’ve said some very kind things. You can read the review here: