my books

Warrior Priest (winner of the 2011 David Gemmell Morningstar Award)


‘It’s beautifully written… Harsh, dark and with combat moments almost Gemmellesque, it’s a tale that will fulfil many a reader’s demands.’

– Falcata Times


‘Delivers on all fronts in a manner that’s nothing short of superb. If Jakob Wolff is called upon to defend the Empire in future books then I’ll be picking them up. Nine and a quarter out of ten.’

– Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review


‘He expertly handles both battles and intimate encounters, while creating well-rounded, full bodied characters… Warrior Priest is a worthy entry in the Empire Army series; an outstanding first outing from Darius Hinks.’

– Red Book Review


‘Another amazingly well-written instalment in the Warhammer Heroes Series.’

– The Founding Fields


‘Great prose and solid bloody combat alongside dialogue that will enrapture the reader as well as ensnare them into Darius’ own web.’

– Falcata Times





‘He brings to life the chaotic, dreamy debauchery of the life of a Chaos Champion – perversions and pleasures walk hand in hand in Sigvald’s world.’

– Floor to Ceiling Books


‘If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be Sigvald, this is the book for you.’

– Bell of Lost Souls


‘Sigvald is a brilliantly fast-paced, twisted tale of debauchery and vanity, from an author who has an engaging and addictive style.’

– Civilian Reader


‘There is intrigue and counter intrigue on almost every other page and Hinks had me hooked by it all.’

– Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review



Orion: The Vaults of Winter



‘An epic tale of curses, daemons, magic and a realm that is the inverse of every fairytale ever told. A promising start to a new series.’

– The Founding Fields


‘Mythic fiction as it should be, a high-magic, high adventure, with flawed, believable characters, a good story line and a decent, fast pace.’

– The British Fantasy Society