This month sees the relaunch of Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar miniatures game. After offering sacrifices to the relevant deities I was given the chance to write a tie-in novel for the new edition, showing a ground-level view of the events described in the game. Dominion is the story of desperate crusaders, gargantuan predators and cruel, swamp-dwelling monsters. It’s exactly the kind of super-sized tale I’ve wanted to write since spending too much time watching Ray Harryhausen movies as a kid.

The book is being published in these limited edition hardbacks and they’re so bloody handsome I’ll be in a GW store on launch day, glaring at people and trying to hog them all for myself. The standard edition is also a thing of beauty, featuring the artwork from the game.

I can’t reveal too much regarding the plot, but I’m really excited to hear what people think when it goes on sale later this month. I’ve been writing Warhammer novels for years but this is bigger, bolder and bloodier than anything I’ve worked on before. After extensive tests I can confirm that it’s impossible to read without making growling noises. (Something to keep in mind if you’re using public transport or sitting near a dog.)