Author: darius

  • 2019 update: still not dead!

    I’ve been knee-deep in work since that last post so I thought I’d write a quick update in case anyone stops by here and thinks I’ve been slacking or gone to the great word processor in the sky. The Ingenious came out earlier this year and had some lovely reviews (see the reviews page) but […]

  • Blackstone Fortress

    My latest Warhammer 40,000 novel, Blackstone Fortress, goes on sale this weekend on the Games Workshop site. I’m really proud of how this one turned out so it’s great that I’ve managed to bag yet another gorgeous cover. Rachel Williams (designer) and Christian Byrne (illustrator) at GW have done some amazing work getting the look […]

  • The Ingenious John Coulthart

    When Marc Gascoigne (chief cyborg at Angry Robot Books) suggested John Coulthart as the cover artist for The Ingenious I was delighted. I’d already admired John’s amazing Under the Pendulum Sun and Daughters of Forgotten Light covers so I was excited to see how he captured the essence of Athanor (sounds like a perfume). It […]

  • In the Heart of the Moon

    I’ve spoken to authors who require absolute silence to write, or the ambient sound of a bustling cafe, but I can’t string two words together unless I’m wearing massive 1970s-style headphones and blasting my ears with music. I suppose it works as a kind of mantra, dropping me back into the same state of mind […]

  • Slackerrr

    Raar! Five year gap between blog posts. That must be a record, even in the sluggardly doldrums of blogdom. Since I last posted, I’ve sired another Hinkling (sorry for taking so long to mention you, Joe, if you’re reading this as a disgruntled adult thinking ‘Why did the lazy-arsed sod take nearly three years to […]