Cable – back from the dead!

It’s true! We’ve dusted down our Zimmer frames, bought some new teeth and teamed up with Hundred Reasons and Hell is for Heroes for a couple of gigs. More details here:

We haven’t played together since around the time of the Boer War, but I’m sure it will all come flooding back. I just need to drag myself away from Antiques Roadshow for long enough to find my guitar. We even have a comprehensive, fully interactive website (this baby cost thousands, I can tell you).

For those of you too young to remember us, this is how we looked in our heyday (I’m the chubby faced child reading the Beano.) As you can imagine, with clothes like that we came very close to being the next Wham. Who knows, if this comeback goes well, it could still happen. Or maybe we’ll get to hang out with Tom Jones and those other people on the telly. I’d really like one of those big chairs.


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