Call off the search. I’ve found the perfect music to listen to when writing fantasy novels: Argentinean communist folk guitar. Atahualpa Yupanqui’s album, Soy Libre, is ideal. I was struggling to find the right way to describe a demon-possessed jackdaw (we’ve all been there) and Atahualpa’s haunting melodies set me right back on track. Witness the power of folk! The Vaults of Winter has just crossed the 80K mark. It’s also become a tale of smoke-filled music halls, broken hearts and South American revolution, but I’m sure the editors won’t mind. Now, where did I leave that capo?


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The Vaults of Winter

Quick update! The Vaults of Winter has some cover art, courtesy of the talented Slawomir Maniak and I’ve just crossed the halfway mark. I’m 50,000 words in and finding that wearing antlers is a great way to stay focused. The cats aren’t too impressed though.


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For the last couple of months I’ve been working on a novella called Sanctus and for the whole time I’ve had the music from If trapped in my head. It’s been sending me a bit whappy to be honest, but I finished the story today and I hoped that would be end of it. Then, just as I thought it was safe to go back in the water, some bugger decided to play it on the radio this morning. On the very day I finished the novella! Tell me that’s not just a bit weird…

Maybe the only way I can be rid of the tune is to inflict it on someone else, so please, if you have a heart, listen to this:

In other news, finishing Sanctus means I can start planning my next project which is a whole trilogy of novels about a large, green, horned gentleman by the name of Orion. I think the best way to come up with a suitable plot is to don green tights and hide in a hedge for a week or two (no change there then, says Kathryn).

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The Hinks Breed

Want to know what links me, Bruce Dickinson and dog breeding? I’ve revealed my family’s darkest secrets over on the Civilian Reader blog.

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Wazza Priest review

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