The Vaults of Winter

Quick update! The Vaults of Winter has some cover art, courtesy of the talented Slawomir Maniak and I’ve just crossed the halfway mark. I’m 50,000 words in and finding that wearing antlers is a great way to stay focused. The cats aren’t too impressed though.


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5 Responses to The Vaults of Winter

  1. Rob Sanders says:

    Where is the picture of you in antlers? : ) Come on… run up to Christmas and all.

  2. Steven says:

    Amazing picture, really looking forward to reading this one and your more than welcome to view the LF development forums for ideas from the Elf Project!

  3. Inkyblue says:

    … them there pictures…. are they Jackson Pollack throw outs?

    • Inkyblue says:

      … by the way, Jackson Pollock was an artist,
      Jackson Pollack is the bloke across the road
      from me, he’s always got a skip on his drive,
      fills it every week …..

  4. darius says:

    You’re talking Pollocks.

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