Who knows where the time goes?

Ha! Who’d have thunk it? People remembered Cable and Cable remembered how to play. I bet even Nostradamus didn’t predict that. Now I can head back to reality knowing that Cable isn’t just about lawsuits, money or bitterness. Thanks to everyone who kept a place for us in their record collection and trekked across the country to see us. I don’t think any of us expected such an incredible response. It was all pretty humbling.

Before the gigs we managed to cram in a few rehearsals at our old room in Derby (an unbelievable shit tip called The Bakery). A photographer friend of ours named Brian Whar spent one of the days with us and took some pictures. I think we needed him there to diffuse the tension as much as anything (we weren’t convinced we could actually play the songs) but he also snapped some great photos while he was there. I’ve included a selection below and you can see lots more of Brian’s work on his own site when he gets back online in the new year.

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  1. Matt L says:

    And what a treat the long awaited return served up to us all! The Derby gig was nothing short of ‘the best ever’ – it had everything;
    The atmosphere was a kin to christmas eve, with children eagerly awaiting Saint Nic’s arrival.
    The set was greeted with feverish energy in the mosh pit, akin to those same children ripping off the layers of wrapping paper to reveal the coveted gifts inside.
    The gifts were numerous (15 in fact), each one as great as the last and when the last song was played, we were still not satiated, we didnt want it to end!

    If the band could bottle that experience, imagine the money they would make – “Cable, guaranteed to invigorate and make you younger ”

    From Cable fans everywhere, what a privilege, Thanks lads

  2. Rebecca says:

    Impressive pics ,thanks for such a great evening and for making me feel young and a fab trip down memory lane x

  3. Anonymous says:

    Darius you were my favourite guitarist back in the day, some of that stuff you did was like nothing I’ve ever heard, truly original stuff. Loved the atonal feel of when animals attack most of all. Cable were amazing! But what the hell was the short film all about? What’s in your box mate?

    • darius says:

      Thanks chap. I used to love being atonal for a living! Glad you liked the albums. 🙂 No idea what the film was about. It was mainly an excuse to muck about in Wales for a couple of weeks being arty…

  4. Captain Stogie says:

    What’s in your box mate?

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