Ha! I’ve turned into one of those spoons who blog about how rubbish they are at blogging. Awesome. I’ve got a string of excuses though, honest guv. 2013 is turning out to be busybusybusy. On top of starting a grown up new job I’ve had an obscene amount of fun playing at the last of Cable’s comeback gigs. We filled the Garage in Highbury with some of London’s most attractive, tasteful, elegantly attired gentlefolk and then let them sing most of our songs for us. Nice work if you can get it. The Cables have now returned to real lives (I promise!) but what a great way to finish our mini comeback.  I’m out of shot in this video, over to the left, so it can’t in any way be egotistical of me to post it.

I’ve also been hammering away at the second Orion novel, Tears of Isha, and it’s almost ready to give up the ghost. I’m on the final chapter and just have a few more grisly ends to tie up before the first draft can wing its way to the editor, Mr Nick Kyme. This book has been a lot more fun to write than the first one. Not sure why. There’s a strong intestinal flavour to the story that makes it really quite disgusting to read, so that’s probably it. (Sorry in advance, proofreaders.)

My final excuse is that work commitments saw me spending last week in Chicago talking to lawyers. Not the best reason to visit a city, I suppose, but before the flight home I had time to dangle my feet over Lake Michigan and get really cold, so it wasn’t all bad. I think I could really have done with some kind of pink, furry cowboy hat. I wonder where Will Oldham got this one from?



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  1. inkybluekro says:

    waaaa, ….. show off ……
    Is your shed for rent?

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